Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Trail Marker#2 - GiveAway

As we prepared to go exploring for embellishments, earlier this month we went in search of our favorite tools. There were lots of art & quilting tools mentioned and I know I got a few new ideas along the way. Thank you all for participating.

Now its time we set out along the trail...
Some of my favorite things to collect and use on my quilts are beads...and there are just soooooooooo many to choose from out there.

Exploring Embellishments: More Fun with Fast-Piece Applique 12- Week Trail-Marker Give-Aways

Trail-Marker #2

March 22 thru April 4

Stocking up on Basic Beads

Win a block of Air Dry Clay & 2-special sanding tools
(you'll be ready to make some beads of your own)

Enter by:
Following this blog & leave a comment about a special bead you like,
Become a fan on my FaceBook Fan Page & comment about beads or beading
Tweet this give-away with @rosehughes in your message
For bonus entries - leave a photo or link to a favorite bead store


Analeerose said...

My two favorite bead stores in the Los Angeles CA area are: the San Gabriel Bead Company (they have a Face Book page) and the Creative Castle in Newbury Park, CA, just west of Thousand Oaks.

Rose Hughes said...

oohh, wonderful sounding stores. my favorite -- amongst many is Shipwreck Beads in Lacey, WA I wrote about them in Oct/09 http://ravenspeakquilts.blogspot.com/2009/10/more-seattle-adventures.html
such a wonderful store & website! I'm heading there now!

Judy said...

Hi, Rose -- When I lose a single earring I give the remaining one a second chance by putting it in my beads bin to await--or even suggest-- just the right project in the future.

Judy said...

I should add that my solo earring collection is building up nicely, but my creative outflow isn't keeping pace---not even close!

Rose Hughes said...

I laughed when I read about your solo earrings, Judy.. I have given a new life to my own and others (love checking for jewelry at yard sales)no longer used jewelry.... they seem to talk to after a while about where they want to go. I had found this old box of earrings and they made perfect orbs on the quilt Lunar Flight - front page of my website...sold long, long ago, but I still have a couple of those earring left. thanks for sharing.

Anne Copeland said...

I've got beads, beads, beads that I have been collecting for years and years, so I am truly looking forward to your next book. I love Dream Landscapes. Way to go, Rose!!!