Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Vote and Win!

Quilt Market was, as always filled with all things new and also quilters and shop owners that are quite willing to share their knowledge and experience. I had so much fun greeting folks in my booth from as far away as New Zealand and Belgium and as near as just the other side of Kansas City.

Since it was my first time having a booth I learned quite a bit... including that there are quite a number of quilters that would like to have patterns of some of my raven quilts. Having been making these favorite gems for quite a while it would be hard for me to choose which ones, so I thought I'd ask for your help...


Pick your favorite 3 raven quilts from the 16 pictured
and leave their numbers in the comments here.

Once you've left your choices in the comments...

You're entered for a chance to win
a stuffed raven like the fellow above.

Thank You  & Good luck,
the lucky winner will be pulled on July 1st!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Generation Q??

Over the last year there has been growth on Modern Quilt front. More fabric, more quilt designers and more incredible quilts being made in this 'new' way. Those of us who have been around for time and a bit have had mixed feelings about these quilters - sewists (yes, this is what they are calling themselves). BUT, regardless of where you are in the quilt world timeline, and no matter what you call yourself you'll want to check out this new magazine. Generation Q, is a different type of quilt magazine. There is interesting stuff, funny stuff, yummy stuff and delightfully, refreshing quilts.

Being one who suffered in the past over what to call myself... quilter, art quilter, fiber artist, quilt artist.... I find there is a lot more that we are about than what we call ourselves, and I love that the quilt world keeps spinning out new, wonderful ways to create those much loved thingies made of fabric, thread and batting.

The Generation Q magazine had it's launch at the Spring Quilt Market in Kansas City, and I am proud to say that they chose to feature my home, my studio and myself in their first issue. I would suggest getting your hands on one soon.

You'll find the article about me starts on page 27,
and what am I calling myself now?
I am, and always will be, a STITCHER.

Happily stitching,

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Booth Virgin No Longer

This is it.... the booth!
Hi All--Here I am, home again...this time from Quilt Market, held this year in Kansas City. A booth virgin no longer, I had a terrific time while in KC. Take away the set up and take down tales it was a fun time. The meeting, greeting and of course the transactional buying & selling. Now it's time to settle into the follow-up, but before diving in I wanted to share a bit of it all with you.

A first peek at my new book - Coming out November 2nd

some of my patterns made up at pillows &
the little raven in the middle was part of a give-away.... want one?

met lots of new, great quilters
this is Victoria, there at the last... thanks Victoria!

these last two pixs are just a bit of Kansas City we had a chance to see

So many new things, so much learned... we had a wild time, and all the things we learned along the way will be seeping its way into EVERYTHING!

For now I am really, really glad to be home....

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Painting the Town in Arizona

Had to share the pictures from the Cooking Up Fabrics workshop yesterday in Phoenix. Today I flew home and am diving right back into my booth prep for the upcoming Quilt Market in Kansas City. When your checking out the pictures note the, marinating bags, fun tools and the empty paint bottles. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

In the Limelight

This month I have finally, with some help from my friends, posted my first YouTube video.

For this first home grown effort I wanted to share the crayon & paint process. Many of you have seen the quilts that have been made with these fun fabrics and wanted to know how. Now you can see the basic process at any time, any day...isn't the internet wonderful.

Click on the picture here and it will take you to the video, and if you want even more information about fabric design or other crayon projects these can be found on my Fabric Painting with Crayons CD. Enjoy!