Friday, September 28, 2012

Pinterest Hopping

Life is a fun, wild ride right now. I have a pretty full traveling &; teach schedule and am now getting to within the two week marker for my move from California to Paducah, Kentucky.

One of my favorite things that is calming and totally enjoyable is Pinterest. I love seeing the new or old (new again) stuff and letting the images lead me on little visual adventures. This morning - before the packing gets back into full swing - I have found a couple of pins that have led me to a couple of fun mid-century modern artists.

Not only did I find their work incredibly inspiring, but when I googled their names for further information I was delighted to find book and album covers that I recognize and now know who created these visual enticements.

The first is Neil Fujita -- you'll love his works &; yes, maybe recognize a few, too!

The second is Sonia Delaunay.

If you haven't tried a Pinterest Hop of your own, jump in!
and, please share something fun you have found hopping around in a comment here.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Small Things

When something seems so huge that beginning eludes me, I like to break it all down into smaller tasks. Eventually, they all add up... and the project is done.

So what's that big project looming on the horizon?
What small task can you undertake today to make it so?

The quote above is Vincent van Gough...
you're in great company!