Monday, February 20, 2012

High Seas Adventure - II

I began teaching the first day out at sea - there was a day of What's on Top: Embellishments, then a totally fun day of creating Tiki Masters followed by a day of Color Cruisin --- then I had a whole day to myself.

I spent a good portion of it wandering with my camera - starting at the top and working my way down.... though before I made it down too far I ran into a couple of other folks and we set off to play cards.

Are there any Hand&Foot players out there? Well, I taught a few people how to play that day... and there was new fun opps.

Here are some of the photos from that morning at sea.

to see some others from that day click over to my facebook photo album

Sunday, February 19, 2012

High Seas Adventure

Home again, home again... Last week at this time I was on board our ship nestled into the harbor of Maui and awaiting the sunrise. It was a lovely morning and as the sun came up there were whales making their presence known with quiet spout blows and quick tails and small waves of their fins.

Our ship visited three islands last weekend and each was uniquely special. Here are the maps I tried to send off last week - foiled by slow internet connections.
My 14 days traveling, quilting and visiting Hawaii have been a treat beyond measure. I will be trying to gather up all the pictures and sharing the adventure with you here over the upcoming days.

for now I am peacefully sharing my first morning home with the kitties at my side.


Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Fast-Piece Applique Spotlight #2

It is always fun to hear from quilters far away who have bought my book(s) and found using the Fast-Piece Applique construction technique freeing. This is how I felt, too, as the method came together after trying this way and that. My guest this week is one of those special quilters who uses the technique to express themselves.

Please, meet Annette Burston and make sure you check out the details for she does love to stitch, and click on the links to find more of her work out here on the web. (first Annette's answers to the questions)

How long have you been quilting?
I have been ‘art quilting’ for about two years now. I can’t honestly say I’ve never been a ‘traditional’ quilter, for I have made a few pieces in that style. My love of curves and all things irregular and ‘squiggly’ in design really is what led me to this form of quilting.
How did you get started?
I have been doing one or another form of arts and craft since I was a very young girl. My mother and grandmother used to sew and do needlework a lot and this really inspired me. I think when I discovered basic appliqué, I first realized that quilting doesn’t necessarily have to be all about squares and conformity. Many years later, as the internet came to be more prominent in our lives – I was able to see what other people were doing around the globe and I was inspired by the range of techniques out there. I’m a very visual thinking person, so magazines, books, art fairs all added fuel to my smouldering creative fire that has since then turned into a full scale passion.
I discovered art quilting in recent years and have been greatly inspired by several artists, one of which is Rose of course. At last, here was a way of combining my love of fabric, with a touch of mixed media and stitching/embroidery that all came together in a way that was just totally fun and exciting. It allowed me to express my real self and daily life.
I have very recently started my own label and finally feel that I’m gaining an identity with my work. I’m only small scale for now, but having fun and making some wonderful friends along the way
What makes you happiest about quilting?
Quilting allows me to express my creative side and to indulge in my almost fanatical love of fabrics and colour. I often use my photographs and real life experiences as prompts to quilting themes. I don’t profess to being great at it, but I put my heart and soul into each piece, and to me – that’s what art is all about. If something I can create can make someone else feel great when they see it, then I feel well rewarded. I have met some wonderful people from around the world through quilting and they also give me great support and feedback. I’m always thinking of new ways to do things with what I know, and new ways of using existing techniques to create something different.
How did you find Fast-Piece Appliqué?
I discovered the Fast-Piece Appliqué method when I discovered Rose’s books and was instantly intrigued. I gave it a try and have never looked back. I had been appliquéing for many years already, but this method just made things a whole lot easier.
What do you like best about the technique?
Things come together relatively quickly with not much fuss (and let’s face it, we all love that). The technique allows me to create great backgrounds and features, then how much embellishment I use – is up to me. The technique is easy to do and encourages me to dig into my stash of fabrics that I just can’t bring myself to cut, and be brave enough to use them.
Rose has been a wonderful support and the thing I really like about her technique is that her passion for it also inspires me. This makes the journey fun !

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