Saturday, June 30, 2012

All Signs Are Favorable for a GenQ Mag Giveaway

When life lands you in the Twilight Zone which way do you turn? Well, at times like those we all just take a long, careful look around and plan our next stop. Luckily, for us all that when Jake Finch and Melissa found themselves as featured actors in a Twilight Zone episode their next stop turned out to be GenerationQ. Back a year ago the GenerationQ team was formed, and their 1st sign -post appeared in the form of the fun, informative and edgy website that is a joy to read and chime in.

My own Quilter’s-Life(QsL) began by learning traditional techniques that I used to reproduce wonderful graphic Amish style quilts. I was/am infatuated with the simplistic, bold designs and the use of solid fabrics in ways that glow, but mostly I fell in love with the stitching -  beautiful stitches that pull everything together and more.

From there I went in search of curves and my QsL headed down the art quilt path, where I still continue to create in large shapes and pull everything together with shiny stitching and a new/old love, beads.

It is a joy to look forward now, for I love the Modern Quilts - so beautiful, and refreshing too, taking the basic fabric, needles and thread that we all love and giving them new and exciting voices.

GenerationQ the magazine is just the same, using words to let these new quilts speak through/for us- beautiful, refreshing and in the words of Jake, ‘snarky’

When you get your hands on this wonderful magazine it is guaranteed you'll not put it down until you've read it cover to cover. There's everything you need for a quilter's get away --- a long list of movies every sewist must see, a must try GenQ-tini , a wide selection of quilts patterns to stitch, and  informative features that will help guide our stitch'r-tunities. Jake's article - Pinterest - a q bies new best friend, hooked me as anyone can tell from my 27+ new boards since Quilt Market. (TY Jake!)

If you must put the mag down to do other things (I know-pretty unimaginable). You can always throw it into your purse ---  it's new smaller size is perfect to read on the go.

But, don't let this smaller size deceive you, it is jam packed with some great feature columns that I look forward to seeing what's next. One of these features is Quarters, and I'm honored to be the first stitcher's home/studio that GenQ's pages lets you visit. (hee, hee it starts on page 25)

Thank you Jake, Melissa, Megan, and Scott for the incredible pleasure of watching this venture come into being, and letting me have a bit role.

--Stitch On!

Would you like to win a launch copy?
Leave a comment here before July 10th..and...On the 11th I'll be pulling 3 lucky winners!

and, don't forget to click over to continue on the GenQ Tour!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Just A Few Days Left

I'll be drawing the name on July 1st --
Still a few days left to get your vote in!

Click above and get linked into how to vote for your fav raven quilts and get our chance to win the little guy.

Monday, June 25, 2012

A Sign of Good Things to Come! -GenerationQ Magazine - Blog Tour

Welcome to the GenerationQ Magazine - Launch Blog Tour
I know that you'll enjoy this brand NEW,
fun to read, jam packed - totally tote-able mag....
I also know you'll have fun reading
what each of the great bloggers on the tour have to say,
and more importantly have lots of chances to win your own copy!

The tour starts today - so follow along &
don't forget to catch my turn on June 30th!

June 25 Kaye Prince

June 26 Carrie Bloomston

June 27 Cara Wilson

June 28 Heather Jones

June 29 Melissa Peda

June 30 Rose Hughes

July 1  Bari J

July 2  Fat Quarter Shop

July 3 Emily Cier

July 4 Blue Nickel Studios

July 5 Jackie Kunkel

July 6 Cheryl Arkinson

July 7 Amy at Amy's Creative Side

July 8 Julie Herman

July 9 Megan Dougherty

July 10  FabTalk blog

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Catching Up!

Today is day 2 of my Open Studio and it's pretty exciting to see everyone coming through. There finding quite a bit of new things and that makes it fun, too. BUT, it time to catch up a bit.

The VOTE for your favorite raven quilts continues.
So far #9 is the favorite,
#5 is a close second,
and there is a tie between #1 and #14 for 3rd.

There is still time to vote, and get your name in for a chance to win the stuffed raven. Just click on the bar below and follow the steps listed.

Just last week I was off to San Luis Obispo for a guild meet-up and workshop which was tons of fun, and along the way I enjoyed traveling through one of the most beautiful areas on earth...the California Central Coast.
With a fair amount of time to stop here and there I did just that.

One place I stopped was at my good friend Dawn's quilt store -
Creation Station in Buellton.
I found her decking out a hat for a tea party the next day, and I got to see her wildly fun dress and a pair of matching gloves that just happened to turn up in time for the party. (was wishing I could go). I spent a bit of time there and found Dawn's collection of sewing antiquey things had multiplied tremendously throughout her store.

So, I asked her what was her favorite item.
This is Dawn with her favorite
antique Russian sewing machine.

This other picture is of an item I found rather curious.
Can you guess what this is?

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Rose Bag -


I finally had a chance to stitch something just for fun. My mom-in-law likes to travel thru her home listening to audio books and she told me she wanted a small bag that she could carry her player around with her.

As she spoke I envisioned this smaller messenger style bag.

I started it off by creating a small rose design which I used
Jacqard Tee Juice markers and the new Stain markers by Sharpie-- I like them both. BUT, I still made a little sampler to ensure the colors and markers worked well with my chosen fabric. (Kaufman, canvas).

What do you think?