Friday, July 30, 2010

Backwards in Time-to No.CA Quilt Council Meeting

Follow that truck!

I'm spinning back to just before LB... my good friend and fellow quilt artist, Cindy Rinne, take an annual trek to CA-No.Council of Quilt Guilds to present ourselves as teachers. We have a great time on this trip -hours&hours&hours of talking, catching up... we really look forward to it. This time around we made our normal stop for lunch in Livermore, CA and I got to introduce Cindy to my new friend BariJ (who I met in Sisters). Then we headed out in search of foam -- that is foam so I could try some experiments with some wool roving... what we found?!? Well, we did finally find some usable foam without pulling over the truck driver-- we also found some fun masks... perfect for craft night.
After a full day of travel we were ready for crafting-- and we both had big plans for our masks. Next day we were off to council-- where these photos were taken while the hoards of guild reps were held back -- after the doors opened there certainly was no time for picture taking.

We ended our time there with a great lunch with a huge group of teachers -- then we had to tear ourselves away for the hours, & hours of driving to get us home.

All in all another fabulous trip!!! Thank you Cindy, and everyone else along this little trail.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More about Long Beach Quilt Festival

It was just a week ago when the quilts were going up at the quilt festival in Long Beach. It seemed liked there was a bit of something for everyone, and they were all wonderful.

I had a piece in the Quilts on the Wall: Fiber Artists special exhibit 'Journeys', and boy did our group have a great time chatting with the visitors and sharing our group's goals and ideas. Though there is nothing like being there I'm posting quick photos taken of our exhibit, and of course our current President, David Charity. This is his first year and I think you can tell by the photo that he's having a good time. His better half is Trish and they are a 'quilting couple'. (this must have a few good benefits, but maybe some not so good one's, too).

There were also two Studio Art Quilt Assn exhibits as well, and tho no pictures were allowed in the exhibits there were a more than few members that had a great time sharing with visitors from that group, too. The special exhibit - SAQA @ 20 - curator Cindy Rinne was on hand to give a couple of guided walk throughs.

I have to admit to having such a great time that I did not take enough pictures, and of course there is no picture taking out with the vendors... but for me that's the sign of a great show --- lack of photos!!! Hope you enjoy the ones I did take.


Monday, July 26, 2010

Long Beach Quilt Festival

Wow... what an incredible month July has been for me. I have traveled far and met wonderful people and have seen amazing quilt works.. It will take me a bit to catch up and share many of these with you all.

That brings me to trying to figure out just where to start. I believe I will start not so much at the beginning of the month, but at an exhibit this past week that reminded me where my quilting journey began.

It has been said that, "a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step".

Well, way back in 1990 I ran across some wonderous quilts put out display by a guild in the Seattle area. The use of color and the graphic quality of the designs made me stop in my tracks and the secondary patterns created by the quilting stitches made want one of these 'things' bad.

That's where my quilting journey began, and amongst all the incredible quilts on display at Long Beach included a special exhibit of antique quilts. It was like seeing these again for the first time. The color... the intensity of the graphic designs -- ok, I'll stop and just include the photos. I do hope you enjoy them, but know there is nothing like standing in front of them in person.

I'll post more about my adventures soon. ~Rose

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dream Landscaping @ Quilters Affair in Sisters

This workshop group had great memories & photos they wanted to create from, so we jumped right in and had lots of fun and some great results... only wish I had taken more photos!

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FYI - I also posted a slide show of my fabric painting 2-day workshop out on Facebook... check that out, too!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sisters, OR? Brigadoon?

Can it be a whole week since my first time experiencing the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show?
I wanted to share just a few photos of my time last Saturday, for it was as magical as that tale of Brigadoon ( you know that old musical with Gene Kelly). As you entered the city, early---way before the start time of 9am you were treated to the magic of watching the city fill up with quilts.

The big show was down at The Stitching Post where the quilts were hung by fireman literally hanging off the roof.
The quilts were hung everywhere.

Next, the people came pouring in, and everyone in town took part in greeting and caring for these thousands and thousands of visitors...

Then almost like that Brigadoon of legend, come 4pm the quilts came down, disappeared and if there were a mist to be seen the streets of Sisters returned to the lovely, quiet community for another year.

If you haven't experienced it yet, it should be on your bucket list. Thank you Jean & Valori Wells, and all the amazing people of Sisters, OR and all the volunteers from around the world that make the magic happen!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fabric Painting Temptations

I had a great group over the last couple of days -- first painting with crayons and then having a wild day of marinating fabrics. As promised I'm going to post of few of the pictures.... you could say that it was too much fun, but really is there such a thing?! We started out with giving ourselves permission to have a great day, (not to mention dessert). Wishing you all the same.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sisters, OR or Bust

The time has come... I have arrived in Sisters and am happily settled in so exploration has begun. This magical town is full swing--preparing for their Brigadoon-like transformation on Sat. Full swing includes quilt walks and quilt talks AND quilt teachers here sharing their knowlege with hundreds and hundreds of students. This being my first time it is a delightful time of discovery for me and the more I hear of the watching the quilts go up...can hardly wait! Today I'll be teaching painting with crayons...always fun. Now, I'm off to find coffee.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Garden Exploring

I have mentioned my sister Sherene and her garden before over the last several months. This special place of her's and her husband was chosen to be on the garden tour in her community of Vashon, WA .. a very special honor -- not to mention quite the job of preparation. The artist within her expresses itself in 'green' and it was no surprise that everyone raved and enjoyed the Meditation Path that Sherene & Rick have lovingly created over many, many a year.

I received my own private walk about, with the artist/gardener much more relaxed... I hope you enjoy this little glance into their magic place, and if you find your way to Vashon TODAY only from 10-noon stop by, for we are jointly doing an open garden & book signing.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

2 Million Shades of Green

I have been a bit disconnected from my computer over thelast week, but not disconnected from my camera, nor disconnected from visits to some incredibly beautiful places. I was treated to the opportunity to visit Seaport Quilters Guild in ID -- but from one minute to the next you could be in WA, too, for they sit just across the river from one another. This crossing of WA to get to ID is what made me lucky enough to have been able to travel through The Palouse. And to take in the wonder ofthis area first hand.

My talk with the group there was on color and when I told them that the human eye can see somewhat close to 7Million colors.. and 2Million of them are greens they didn't really seemed amazed, but living so close to the Palouse and other of natures amazing areas one can understand. What I'm including here are just a few of the photos I was able to take of the area.

Then when I taught my Dream Landscape workshop there were quite a few inspirational photos of this beautiful area... look for some of those photos soon, too. Hope you all get a chance to experience this place in person some day!