Thursday, July 1, 2010

2 Million Shades of Green

I have been a bit disconnected from my computer over thelast week, but not disconnected from my camera, nor disconnected from visits to some incredibly beautiful places. I was treated to the opportunity to visit Seaport Quilters Guild in ID -- but from one minute to the next you could be in WA, too, for they sit just across the river from one another. This crossing of WA to get to ID is what made me lucky enough to have been able to travel through The Palouse. And to take in the wonder ofthis area first hand.

My talk with the group there was on color and when I told them that the human eye can see somewhat close to 7Million colors.. and 2Million of them are greens they didn't really seemed amazed, but living so close to the Palouse and other of natures amazing areas one can understand. What I'm including here are just a few of the photos I was able to take of the area.

Then when I taught my Dream Landscape workshop there were quite a few inspirational photos of this beautiful area... look for some of those photos soon, too. Hope you all get a chance to experience this place in person some day!


Mark Whitesell said...

I can see the "quilts" in your photos! You are truly amazing - - I can't wait to see how your inspirations turn out in fabric!

Rose Hughes said...

It is funny how my photography does take on that look now that I have been shooting pictures with quilts in mind. Thanks for noticing Mark. I can hardly wait to get into the fabrics.