Friday, April 27, 2012

Missing In Action

Happy Friday, and greetings from a remote island in the middle of quilting! Well, this may not be an entirely accurate statement, it just feels this way every now and then. The last few months have been a wild, fun time. When I wasn't traveling and meeting a lot of quilters I was home working, on an incredible commission. In between all this my mind has been working double-time on many 1sts for  me. A couple of these include my first ever how-to YouTube video, and Mid-May I will be in Kansas City -- sharing my quilt patterns and self in a booth at Quilt Market.

There are so many great things happening that I promise to do a better job of sharing them here. I thought it might be fun to share with you here a few pictures of the commission installed. Many of you may have followed along with this project from the initial drawing and patterning stage and I would love to hear what you think!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fun Upcoming Destination Workshops

July 2012
September 2012
October 2012

January 2013

I have heard from many folks about updating my calendar --- I'm promising to work on it soon.
Here's a few highlights,
but there is definitely more to come!

Life&Studio 360

2012 so far for me has made me feel like an old LP. One of those old albums that spun on the turn-table. Spinning, while allowing really great music to fill the room. It has been so far a year of traveling here and there and having a grand time teaching, sharing and meeting some great people.

This past weekend I finished up and delivered the large commission piece that has been my traveling companion these past few months - then got my taxes done - leaving just enough time to clean the studio and the surrounding digs in time for a magazine photo shoot yesterday. (more on this later on)

The studio is now so clean that I just had to stand in the middle and take a 360 set of photos. As I put things away yesterday I found bits from my teaching gig at Road to California, and the remaining materials from my two-week Hawaiian Cruise.

As all these things got set straight my mind wandered onto 'what's next' and of all the bigger picture life lessons I have picked up along the way. There is a time for enjoying the beginnings and the ends of all things, a time for clearing the decks and a time for messing everything up. With my one remaining trip this month -- this time I'm off to Mountain Home, AR, my plan is to have a wonderful time messing up the studio!!!!!