Friday, April 29, 2011

Don't Give Up on Me

Boy, it has been BUSY this week... but almost all really good things. I have been working on several different projects. I finished up the Yosemite Chapel quilt and will be taking pictures of that soon, and I have moved on to some other BIG idea things... but, these must remain under-wraps for a bit while longer. I haven't even had a chance to really dive into my bag of goodies from last week's field trip.

It seems like with springtime things just start happening really, really quickly. In this I know I'm not alone... just look at what my friend Susan Willen has been up to! She's been dyeing fabric for weeks -- during any small sun break we may have had. Now, she has her 150 yards of fabric ready to head off to take a Nancy Crow workshop. Don't these stacks look yummy? and, I had to throw in at least one photo of Susan's work, too!

Friday, April 22, 2011

unCommon threads-- FIELD TRIP!

This week design group decided to hit the road for a field trip, and just like the ones back it school, it was a day filled with fun, laughter, exploration and discovery. Even our dedicated driver had to add several 'addendum' to her bucket list as she drove in areas never traveled before. Through the day we got to find our way through three previously unexplored (by us) LA destinations. Click over to my Facebook Albums to see pictures of PartA- The Rodium Flea Market (Wed/ Fabric Day) & PartC- Kyoei Treasures (Kimono Fabrics).

Here you will find pictures of a wonderful fiber exhibit that is currently showing at the art gallery on the El Camino College Campus -- unCommon threads --
and if you get a chance to see this in person, you will be treated to the works of 12 wonderful artists. These are just a few of my favorites.

unCommon threads
March 28-April 29
El Camino College, Los Angeles

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Second try

Ok, now it's time for a second try. thanks for bearing with me as I figure out some of the ins and outs to this iPad'ing. today if all goes well you'll be treated to seeing a couple of photos showing the two postcards I stitched up to be auctioned off this summer in Sister's Oregon.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

First Try

This fine Sunday I'm gonna give posting from my new iPad a whirl. The words are easy but I wanted to take the camera around the block for a little test drive.

Well, it looks like a photo has arrived.. Now to hit publish. This little vignette was my morning coffee & a bit of beading.

I'm crossing my fingers.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Judith Content's Magical Garden

I picked the right day to visit Judith, for she told me that it was just this past weekend that she had been able to get out into the garden to sort it all out
after a wet & wild winter.
(You could never tell from the pictures,
for every little area has its own bit of color magic happening)


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Visit with Judith Content

 A Color Treat - Visual Feast
It has been some time since I first met Judith Content, and for much of our first year it was over phone conversations during monthly exhibition committee meetings for SAQA (Studio Art Quilters Assn)... but the best was meeting Judith in person. Such a kind, intelligent person and for an extra bonus she is an in incredible artist. She may not remember that first time meeting, but I was visiting her area and made a plan to stop by her home. She mentioned that she was having a group meeting in a few days and that she was painting the front of her house to get ready.

Ok, so what would you think if someone said, "I'm painting the front of my house". Well, whatever you might think it probably would not prepare you for the front of Judith's home, nor the inside, the studio and definitely not the garden.
The colors always change and the collections grow and move around.. A true visual treat. On Monday I dropped in again and took pictures-that she has of course said I could share with you.

There are a bunch of pictures, so today I'm posting Judith - the house & studio, tomorrow.... the garden!

Hope you enjoy the visit.
Please let me know what you think &
I'll be sure to share the comments with Judith.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Confessions-Non Techie Gotta Delivered

I'm right now sitting in Santa Cruz after having an incredible weekend of fun with the members of the Pajaro Valley Quilters. We laughed together throughout the day on Sunday, and the group's quilts really showed that they were enjoying learning about Fast-Piece Applique. Monday was a wild day of chatting, shopping and just plain having fun -- then it was topped off with a wonderful meeting where I shared information on color- and how much I love using it, and how that may not have been the case when I started.

And, while I promise to share photos of some of the fun happenings the one thing throughout the weekend has been me tracking my new little iPad2 -- I have been excitedly watching it's progress as it makes its way to me from the other side of the world.

It is here that I must confess... I can hardly wait! I, who never really stood in line for anything...stood in line for this little piece of technology -- and when that did not pan out, I ordered it on-line/ dreading a bit JUST HOW long it was going to take to get to me... now, finally it may be at my door.

I'll let you know.

But, I'd love to know what (if anything) you have sooooooooooooo wanted that you stood in line for?

Pictures and fun shares from my time in No.California will follow soon, I promise & maybe one of my new little techo buddy. Til' later --- Have a great Tuesday!


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pulling the Beads Out ...yes,for the Yosemite Quilt!

 The stitching has slowly been coming together and today the fun really begins.
The beads come out!

I've included a couple of close-up pictures of the stitching with a few beads thrown out there to try them out, and then a bunch more.

Just in case your interested I've thrown in pictures of my bead stitching kit

-the little drawers-- the ones with the BEADS!!!
For this quilt I pulled from the white, purple and teal bead drawers.

I was really in search of a bunch of choices that remind me of snow...

Which ones would you pick? I'd love to hear which ones you think may work out, so I've given each grouping a number. Just pick out your favs and leave me a quick note in the comments.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Yosemite - Catching Up

In the last Yosemite quilt posting, I was getting started on the machine quilting. Now, with the top done, sandwich made, couching & machine quilting complete.... my Yosemite Chapel quilt is now at my favorite point.... embellishing!!!

What you see pictured here is my little hand work kit out and have selected a wide assortment of cotton embroidery floss. I have plans to use the stitching to give a bit of color lift to the sky's deep aquas -- add another layer of twisty branchings to the big trees -- and give a bit of shape to the others while hinting at the snow. Am still working out just how I want to work on the chapel itself, but this is the time that the quilt speaks to me -- letting me know just what it might need.

And, while for me it is tons of fun to work on the stitching, I admit my mind starts wandering through the bead drawers --- so, by the time the stitching is done, I can hardly wait to get beading.