Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pulling the Beads Out ...yes,for the Yosemite Quilt!

 The stitching has slowly been coming together and today the fun really begins.
The beads come out!

I've included a couple of close-up pictures of the stitching with a few beads thrown out there to try them out, and then a bunch more.

Just in case your interested I've thrown in pictures of my bead stitching kit

-the little drawers-- the ones with the BEADS!!!
For this quilt I pulled from the white, purple and teal bead drawers.

I was really in search of a bunch of choices that remind me of snow...

Which ones would you pick? I'd love to hear which ones you think may work out, so I've given each grouping a number. Just pick out your favs and leave me a quick note in the comments.


Islandgirl said...

I like #5 best and #3 second best. The first is like bright newly fallen snow glittering in the sunshine and the second like snow in the evening light with an old fashioned feel.

natalie. beyond the reef said...

Number 5 - from recent personal experience.
And the center beads in Number 6.
Sparkling cold brilliant magical snow!

PattyAnne said...

NICE collection of beads!! I like both 1 and 5 .

Rose Hughes said...

really like your choices -- thanks for writing in...I'm off to get a start on this RIGHT now... can hardly wait!

gr8coles said...

pearls in group 5 draw my raves!