Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Yosemite - Catching Up

In the last Yosemite quilt posting, I was getting started on the machine quilting. Now, with the top done, sandwich made, couching & machine quilting complete.... my Yosemite Chapel quilt is now at my favorite point.... embellishing!!!

What you see pictured here is my little hand work kit out and have selected a wide assortment of cotton embroidery floss. I have plans to use the stitching to give a bit of color lift to the sky's deep aquas -- add another layer of twisty branchings to the big trees -- and give a bit of shape to the others while hinting at the snow. Am still working out just how I want to work on the chapel itself, but this is the time that the quilt speaks to me -- letting me know just what it might need.

And, while for me it is tons of fun to work on the stitching, I admit my mind starts wandering through the bead drawers --- so, by the time the stitching is done, I can hardly wait to get beading.


Valerie Kamikubo said...

Somehow, I missed your last two Yosemite posts Rose, so I really had some catching up to do! It is beautiful! I love the way it just glows (even before the embellishments). It's very evident that this place holds a special place in your heart.

Rose Hughes said...

thanks Val -- I know what you mean by the glowing -- and it won't need much when it comes right down to the beading part.