Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Visit with Judith Content

 A Color Treat - Visual Feast
It has been some time since I first met Judith Content, and for much of our first year it was over phone conversations during monthly exhibition committee meetings for SAQA (Studio Art Quilters Assn)... but the best was meeting Judith in person. Such a kind, intelligent person and for an extra bonus she is an in incredible artist. She may not remember that first time meeting, but I was visiting her area and made a plan to stop by her home. She mentioned that she was having a group meeting in a few days and that she was painting the front of her house to get ready.

Ok, so what would you think if someone said, "I'm painting the front of my house". Well, whatever you might think it probably would not prepare you for the front of Judith's home, nor the inside, the studio and definitely not the garden.
The colors always change and the collections grow and move around.. A true visual treat. On Monday I dropped in again and took pictures-that she has of course said I could share with you.

There are a bunch of pictures, so today I'm posting Judith - the house & studio, tomorrow.... the garden!

Hope you enjoy the visit.
Please let me know what you think &
I'll be sure to share the comments with Judith.


lindainbelgium said...

Lucky You! I visited Judith's home when she hostessed a SAQA buffet a year ago during the SAQA Conference (wow is she a hostess! and the food catered by her chef daughter was amazing). Her garden and house are truly fabulous--they were featured in American Style magazine a year or so ago too. And Judith is one of the THE most lovely people I have ever met. I adore her art quilts and have a couple of real favorites made in CA sunset colors.

RTA said...