Friday, May 28, 2010

Guest Quilt Artist - Ellenina Gaston

I met Ellenina for the first time many years ago. She was taking my Fast-Piece Applique workshop and the thing I remember most was, she bought up a ton of my little yarn packages. Not for couching as they had been packaged, but for something entirely Ellenina. Within a couple of days she shared not only her quilt, but a whole small series of woven treasures that she had designed with all the yarns. Her mind is always creating and I know you will enjoy seeing her work.

In her own words:

Hello! I am Ellenina Gaston and I currently live in Southern
California with my husband and two children. My hometown is Chicago, Illinois. I grew up sketching in charcoal and pencil with my father, an accomplished illustrator, and doing crafts and needlework projects with my mother. I enjoy experimenting in various media and have tried just about every thing from paints and pastels to water colors and wax. While continuing my art education as an adult, I found my passion in blending pattern and color using fabrics, fibers, thread, ink, paper, found objects, metal and paint -- basically, anything may turn up in a project!

My art is characterized by a vibrant use of color and pattern and cam be a unique mixture of media that often combines skills in quilting, basketry, paintin
g and drawing. The presence of natural elements and female forms predominate in my most recent work.

I have had the pleasure of having my work show in galleries as
part of group shows and exhibits. I teach classes on expressive drawing and surface design techniques. The rest of 2010 will be a very active time for me creatively. You can follow my latest adventures on the my website and I always welcome new Facebook friends.

ers! Ellenina

Monday, May 24, 2010

Hmmm-What happens in MN, stays in MN?

Well, this phrase was mentioned a few times over the several days spent in MN at Spring Quilt Market, but this blog entry is not about that (ooops, almost gave something away Jake/Gregory), it's about the really special goody I found for the last of the Trail-Marker Give-Aways.

I have to admit that as I turned the corner and saw this booth I was bowled over by the color, and that's not easy to do in a place covered in yummy new fabrics. Then on entering and hearing just how easy these folks had made the wet felting experience for everyone, I knew I had to share this with you all. The little kit that owner Karin donated for this give-away it just the right size project to get anyone started and definitely hooked.

So, remember the rules...
May 19th through May 30th
To be in the drawing-
leave a comment on my blog
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Each time = 1 Entry

Get an EXTRA entry for tweeting about the give-away (making sure @rosehughes is included)
The lucky winner of #6 will receive the ArtFelt camera case feltmaking kit.

Cindy Rinne - Quilt Artist

I feel myself lucky to know Cindy and to have enjoyed her friendship for many, many years. She was amongst the first artists to show up at the first art quilt group meeting that I pulled together back in 1996, (which turned into Quilts on the Wall). She always dresses the part of artist while having a grounding, soft spoken, wonderful energy. I know you will enjoy and appreciate meeting Cindy and her quilt art.

In her own words:
Hawk drifts in diagonal sky.
Winter bees hum in unity pursuing pink flowers.
I seek meaning in my inner wilderness.
by Cindy Rinne (on the art quilt, "Wilderness")

Recently a friend wrote that my art quilts are poetry whether there's text on them or not. I enjoy writing poetry and creating fiber collages. My branding is: "Fiberverse, art meets poetry." I read my poetry when I speak to quilt guilds and at art/poetry events. I think my poetry can be an entry point to understanding my art.
I began my art career as a watercolorist, moved into acrylics and then into fiber art. Collage has always been a part of my style no matter the medium. The Oriental influence has also been a part of my art work. I like the simplicity and the nature connection of the Asian style. Nature inspires my textures, patterns, colors and poetry writings. I like to share my life experiences, life observations and the experiences of others in my art work. Various fabrics from others are combined to represent community and to repurpose the materials to become something new.

For more of Cindy's work, list of lectures & workshops stop by an visit her website, or her blog.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

We Interupt this Show....

Hi All- I have just returned from Spring Quilt Market in MN -- had a blast, and the kitties are certainly glad to have me home. I know that I have some catching up to do -- Cindy's bio and filling you in on the special (really fun) treat I found at market to have as the final give-away in the Trail-Marker contest-- BUT, on checking in with my Twitter friend ParkCityGirl, I found that her own Spring Festival is in full swing. Last time I had such fun I have to interrupt my own show to jump in and join the fun. This year I only think it's appropriate to share the quilt that's on the cover of my new book!

The name of this piece is Garden Party--- and since each of the projects in my book give instructions on how to fabricate, fun embellishments this one shares just what can be done with a bit of yarn and some chenille stems (pipe-cleaners for us older crafters). The stories behind the creation of a book can be ten-fold, and then add to that the great people that help pull it all together and well there are tons of stories, but really the best one is that this fun technique was shared with me by my good friend and fellow quilt artist Jeanette Kelly. Her work is wild and wooly and well, 3D! But, sharing is what it's all about --- thanks Jeanette & thanks Amy for having this great festival once again!

Sunday-May 30th is the last day to get entered into my Trail-Marker Give-Away-- check it out!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Struck Gold!

OK, I admit that I am late with this week's Guest Quilt Artist --- but I know you will absolutely love meeting Cindy Rinne. She is not only an amazing artist, poet and magician with quilted collages, she is a good friend. Her intro will be up soon, I promise....

In the meantime I spent some time yesterday at Quilt Market hunting for just the right, fun prize for the last of the Trail-Marker Give-Aways. Then I was just kinding of walking down one of the many rows and was suddenly stuck by COLOR... (and come on, when I say color, you can count on the fact that it was color in a big way to stick out amongst all the other things).

Then I stepped in and was absolutely thrilled by all that I heard and saw, and I can't wait to be able to tell you what it is... I did leave a hint - click on the title of the blog and you'll find yourself in this company's website.

Hope everyone's having a great weekend and remember you need to post comments here or on my FaceBook Fan page to have a chance at winning. ~More coming soon... Rose

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Trail Leads ON!!!!

We're on the last leg of the trail, and the signs are taking this traveler a bit off the beaten path.... Check out the map and you'll find that I've hit the trail to Minneapolis for Quilt Market.... thought it would be a perfect opportunity to seek out some fun souvenier and make the last Trail-Marker Give-Away a surprise!

Must also say that it has been fun chatting with one and all through your comments.

It was great to hear from so many of you....
and as announced, Lesley Mapes Wade won the special fun yarns!

but, there is still more chances to win...

TM-GA #6 begins today & the same rules apply

May 19th through May 30th
To be in the drawing-
leave a comment on my blog
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Each time = 1 Entry

Get an EXTRA entry for tweeting about the give-away (making sure @rosehughes is included)

The lucky winner of #6 will receive the mystery gift found especially for YOU?!?...
Look forward to hearing from you all!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Meet Mary Tabar - Quilt Artist

Mary attended one of my workshops many, many years ago and she was one of those students that immediately see how freeing Fast-Piece Applique can be. Like many, Mary needed just a little push in the direction (permission so to speak) to do their own thing -- and there has been no stopping her.

In her own words:
Needle art has been a passion of mine for as long as I can recall. Watching my mother sew everything from hand bags to upholstery, I grew up sewing, embroidering and crocheting.

My love for sewing turned to quilting about 12 years ago. I took a traditional quilting class from Peggy Martin and quickly learned how to piece, applique and quilt three layers of fabric together. I then took an art quilt workshop from Rose and learned that quilts could be in galleries and museums. I was so impressed with Rose's work and teaching style that I decided I could make art with 'my' sewing machine. I teach for a community college here in San Diego, four classes weekly in quilting and surface design. As I teach these classes, I also learn something new in the textile medium in every class.

Quilting and other art mediums seem to merge into one exquisite art. The devotion of quilters and artists is growing daily.

Check out more about Mary on her website.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Trail Marker #5 - Exploration Continues

We're on the trail, and the signs along the way are turning up a number of fun embellishments. Thanks to everyone who left comments and were in the running for Trail-Marker #4.
It was great to hear from so many of you....
and as announced, Linda Payne won the Angelina Fibers!

but, there is still more chances to win...

TM-GA #5 begins today & the same rules apply

May 8th through May 16th
To be in the drawing-
leave a comment on my blog
comment on my FaceBook Fan Page
Each time = 1 Entry

Get an EXTRA entry for tweeting about the give-away (making sure @rosehughes is included)

The lucky winner of #5 will receive bundles of some fun yarn and a mystery material...
All were used to create the embellishments on the cover on my new book!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Meet Mary Ellen Sakai!

It was such a treat to meet Mary Ellen. Her work is beautiful and her energy is high, and she is fun to be around. A great combination and I know you'll be hearing more from and about her.
In her own words:
Hi! my name is Mary Ellen Sakai and I live in Monrovia, Ca. with my wonderful husband Gary and our two children: Stryder the English bulldog and Suki the tabby cat.

I grew up doing sewing and art my whole life, and I started being a serious quilt maker in 1993 after a brief career in Advertising Design in New York City.
I started as a traditional quilter and my first quilt was pieced by hand after a class at The Newark Art Mus

I enjoy machine applique, machine piecing and love to machine quilt. My first teaching gig was a patchwork jumper that I had whipped up over the weekend from the first line of Debbie Mumm fabric. I taught that at Bearly Stitchin' Sewing Center in Pasadena, CA and I found out that I love teaching, so I continue doing just that in several quilt stores in Southern California on an on-going basis.

Lately, I have become interested in multi-media, fabric manipulation and embellishment. I have tried bleach discharge, Angelina fibers, blue glue resist, gelatin monoprinting, Shiva paintskiks, air dry clay, photo transfers in a number of ways and many other forms of embellishments. I call myself the 'happy idiot' quilter. I
will try anything and just about everything I find to add to my art work.

I hope to spend more time in the future on art quilts. Selling my work and being in a gallery are my dreams and my goals. I do not have a website, but feel free to contact me and become a friend on Facebook! Or join me...I'd love to hear from you and have you in a class!