Monday, May 24, 2010

Cindy Rinne - Quilt Artist

I feel myself lucky to know Cindy and to have enjoyed her friendship for many, many years. She was amongst the first artists to show up at the first art quilt group meeting that I pulled together back in 1996, (which turned into Quilts on the Wall). She always dresses the part of artist while having a grounding, soft spoken, wonderful energy. I know you will enjoy and appreciate meeting Cindy and her quilt art.

In her own words:
Hawk drifts in diagonal sky.
Winter bees hum in unity pursuing pink flowers.
I seek meaning in my inner wilderness.
by Cindy Rinne (on the art quilt, "Wilderness")

Recently a friend wrote that my art quilts are poetry whether there's text on them or not. I enjoy writing poetry and creating fiber collages. My branding is: "Fiberverse, art meets poetry." I read my poetry when I speak to quilt guilds and at art/poetry events. I think my poetry can be an entry point to understanding my art.
I began my art career as a watercolorist, moved into acrylics and then into fiber art. Collage has always been a part of my style no matter the medium. The Oriental influence has also been a part of my art work. I like the simplicity and the nature connection of the Asian style. Nature inspires my textures, patterns, colors and poetry writings. I like to share my life experiences, life observations and the experiences of others in my art work. Various fabrics from others are combined to represent community and to repurpose the materials to become something new.

For more of Cindy's work, list of lectures & workshops stop by an visit her website, or her blog.

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