Friday, May 14, 2010

Meet Mary Tabar - Quilt Artist

Mary attended one of my workshops many, many years ago and she was one of those students that immediately see how freeing Fast-Piece Applique can be. Like many, Mary needed just a little push in the direction (permission so to speak) to do their own thing -- and there has been no stopping her.

In her own words:
Needle art has been a passion of mine for as long as I can recall. Watching my mother sew everything from hand bags to upholstery, I grew up sewing, embroidering and crocheting.

My love for sewing turned to quilting about 12 years ago. I took a traditional quilting class from Peggy Martin and quickly learned how to piece, applique and quilt three layers of fabric together. I then took an art quilt workshop from Rose and learned that quilts could be in galleries and museums. I was so impressed with Rose's work and teaching style that I decided I could make art with 'my' sewing machine. I teach for a community college here in San Diego, four classes weekly in quilting and surface design. As I teach these classes, I also learn something new in the textile medium in every class.

Quilting and other art mediums seem to merge into one exquisite art. The devotion of quilters and artists is growing daily.

Check out more about Mary on her website.


anonymous said...

say hi to Mary for me: I met her at the Visions Opening in 08; lots of energy!

Linda in Belgium!

mtabar said...

Thanks Rose, I check your blog all the time-I can not wait to see your new book.