Friday, September 25, 2009

Workshops at the Quilters Stash

Still trying to catch up with myself today. These are some of the pictures of workshops I taught in Rocklin, CA.... at the Quilters Stash!

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Loomis-Quilt Sharing

Seems like yesterday, but it's been over a week since my return from Loomis, CA. It was a great trip and there were some wonderful quilters. Barbara, my hostess from the guild was terrific and she had several friends from her mini-group join us for dinner before the meeting. One of these friends, Liz, casually mentioned how she had just used the FPA method from my Dream Landscapes book to try her hand at her own design and that she brought the quilt to share at the meeting. Well, pictures speak louder than words, and Liz's quilt was wonderful. When she shared it at the meeting Liz went on to say that she was designing the next one as well with her daughter and loving it.

Seeing people use the Fast-Piece Applique method for their own designs is really the best. Thanks Liz for sharing!

I'll be trying to catch up with posting more photos from the trip this weekend.
Happily stitchin,

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

More, Quilt Sharing

Wow, today I get to share with you pictures from an incredible quilt made by Vickie Swann from Tacoma, WA. The one word that comes to mind when I saw this quilt was SCRUMPTIOUS. She calls this Off the Beaded Path, and between the color and the beading it must be a wonderous treat in person. The pattern was from my Dream Landscape book, but boy Vickie has made it her own. Hope you all enjoy it as much as me! ~Rose

Thanks for sharing, VICKIE!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weeks End

While I was off in northern California visiting the Loomis Quilt & Fiber Guild on Wed night sharing my quilts, and spending Thur/Fri teaching two workshops at The Quilters Stash, I had a group of quilts in Pennsylvania on exhibit.

Cheryl Lynch actually was at the PA Quilt Extravagenza and was nice enough to send my some photos. These pieces (shown here) are part of my Back-Roads Journey exhibit and is still happening today. By checking out Cheryl's blog you can find out even more about how great the whole show is.

I'll have more photos from my gone quiltin' travels later on.
Now, it's time to start stitching up that quilt top that has been waiting patiently for my return.
Happy Sunday!

Monday, September 14, 2009

More Quilt Sharing

There was a great Quilts On the Wall meeting this past weekend with just incredible quilts turned in for their most recent challenge, Archeology. It will be a great exhibit, and I believe the first place it will be seen is at Road to California in January. You can tell the theme rung true to so many members of this group. Personally, I have been continuing on my ebb n'flow quilts... yes, it is now quilts and I'm having a great time with the color and texture that each piece presents.

Also, this weekend, Theodora Rilchoff, up in Canada shared some of the quilts she's been working on since she purchased my book. The three pieces here are wonderful, and Theodora agreed that I could share them with you all. Two of these were inspired
directly from designs in the book, but I think you'll agree that Theodora has put her personal mark on them. The last piece uses Fast-Piece Applique to help bring Picasso to fabric.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

look for Theodora's "A Walk in the Moonlight"
piece up for auction next year to benefit
The Quilt Project.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Quilt Sharing

Earlier this week I heard from Viola W., a quilter in Louisville, KY. After reading my book she used one of the designs found there in combination with a design from another book. On her own, Viola then added 3-d leaves, and oval picture frames (that are removable) with vinyl covers. All this to create a lovely family tree for the nursing home wall in her mother-in-laws room.

After seeing it, I know that it will be a very cherished and loved piece.

Thanks Viola, for sharing it!
Happy Stitchin'

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ebb'n Flow

The quilt I have been stitching on for the last few days is complete. It is a smaller piece, 20 x 16, but provided just the right amount of silk, stitching and felting opportunities to my soul for the moment. I'm ready to dive right into 'fabric' again. ~Rose

Monday, September 7, 2009

Happily Laboring

It's Labor Day, and a beautiful Monday morning it is! Looks like the temp around here today will be slightly cooler making it only to a high of 77. We'll take it... especially after a week of hot & humid.

The weekend so far has been a lot of fun and there has been plenty of time to visit with family and friends
mixed in with just enough time for me to 'play' in the fabric. I have been longing for some time to just play and I finally got a chance (and am planning this to continue), so I thought I would share some a bit of what I have going at the moment. The photos here show the piece as it has been progressing.
First, is the pile of fabrics.... then the base quilt stitched up....
with just an idea of the stitching details starting to come into place...

then there is the pile of woolie gem bases that I had a lot of fun felting yesterday...
lastly is a picture that shows a bit of the placement that the woolies will take,

BUT there i
s a lot more stitching and beading that has to happen first. I'll be getting to the beads somewhere between coffee this morning and the potluck party this afternoon.

Hope you all are having a great, fun holiday weekend as well!

Very Happily Stitchin, ~Rose

Friday, September 4, 2009

Recent American Quilter Magazine Article

I am finally catching up and beginning to dive back into fabric. I'll be wandering around a bit in the shallows for another week or so, but have be longing to just jump right into the deep end. Soon, very soon.

In the meantime, have put in supplies for a fun, family picnic this weekend and am looking forward to a really relaxing game night with the kids... (hardly kids age wise, but to me always).

It now truly feels like September.... so now I can tell you....

don't miss my article in American Quilter Magazine this month

Have a great holiday weekend! ~Rose

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Some Design Time

It has been over a week since my return from the wilds of Yosemite and I have finally gotten through most of my paperwork and have gotten quilts in from one exhibit in Colorado and have packed up another exhibit which is happily on it's way to PA where it will be part of the Mancuso quilt festival, Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza XVI, Sept 17 thru 20. The exhibit is named Backroads Journey and has 15 pieces representing some of my favorite landscapes. Below is a group of quilts that is part of the exhibit and were made this past year after I had traveled through Arizona. I love the saguaros that are only found in that part of the country and these quilts depict the viewer being drawn in, moving toward that closer look.

I am working today on the sample drawings for a commission piece based on the view from someone's home in Arkansas. The view of the trees and rolling country side into the mountain foothills is spectacular and the drawings are pretty exciting. I always feel I'm on the right track with a drawing when the colors, shapes and textures seem to swim together and perculate up in my mind as I am designing. I am looking forward to getting into fabric with this one soon.

Other projects are finding some time now as well, and some of the images from recent journeys are screaming out to be stitched up. One of those images is below. It is one of a group taken on the early morning drive from Merced into Yosemite. The sun glistened off the waves of tall golden grasses. They truly seem like waves, for even the rocks appear transparently as if submerged underwater. Should be fun to work with.

Off to the studio! Happily stitchin' again. ~Rose