Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Some Design Time

It has been over a week since my return from the wilds of Yosemite and I have finally gotten through most of my paperwork and have gotten quilts in from one exhibit in Colorado and have packed up another exhibit which is happily on it's way to PA where it will be part of the Mancuso quilt festival, Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza XVI, Sept 17 thru 20. The exhibit is named Backroads Journey and has 15 pieces representing some of my favorite landscapes. Below is a group of quilts that is part of the exhibit and were made this past year after I had traveled through Arizona. I love the saguaros that are only found in that part of the country and these quilts depict the viewer being drawn in, moving toward that closer look.

I am working today on the sample drawings for a commission piece based on the view from someone's home in Arkansas. The view of the trees and rolling country side into the mountain foothills is spectacular and the drawings are pretty exciting. I always feel I'm on the right track with a drawing when the colors, shapes and textures seem to swim together and perculate up in my mind as I am designing. I am looking forward to getting into fabric with this one soon.

Other projects are finding some time now as well, and some of the images from recent journeys are screaming out to be stitched up. One of those images is below. It is one of a group taken on the early morning drive from Merced into Yosemite. The sun glistened off the waves of tall golden grasses. They truly seem like waves, for even the rocks appear transparently as if submerged underwater. Should be fun to work with.

Off to the studio! Happily stitchin' again. ~Rose

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