Friday, August 31, 2012

New Digs

Life is certainly hopping lately. With our home in So.California in escrow it became time to seriously find new digs for ourselves. This required jumping on a plane and heading off to Paducah Kentucky to see what might be available. While there were many lovely places (ok, and some not so lovely places) we fell in love with this little house.

We feel very lucky to have found someplace that so suits us. It's current owners have made some contemporary upgrades while leaving some really incredible 'true - retro' elements in place. Bedroom #2 will be my studio until the new studio can be finished off -- (a truly wonderful space). This leaves a 3rd bedroom for company.

So we continue to work closings in both locations with fingers crossed that all continues along well.

Til then it feels great to be back home and turning the focus on 'quilt' stuff again.

Wanna see inside the new place?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Building on Multiple Fronts

Hi All-

It is Tuesday... and so much has changed in a week. We had multiply offers on the house, have now accepted one of these; entered into 60 day escrow; and have to house shop in earnest for ourselves.

Phew, if this was not enough construction continues for my on-line relaunch that I had scheduled for October 1st.

If you'd like to take a peek at the new blog space (still very much under construction) click over to to

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Stitch On

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Is This Real?

There is big happenings right now in my life... I have my house up on the market and we're planning a BIG move.

Most days I find that I'm in need a bit of grounding. Yesterday, (a non-showing day) I headed out to have breakfast with my good friend Natalie-from Beyond the Reef. We have had many, many of these breakfast meetings and I always come away feeling confidently headed in a good direction. She came supplied with mission I could not pass up.

Yesterday, she brought me a treat to share with YOU.

Yummy fabric for a give-away!

It's a package of 16 (count 'em) fat quarters of wonderfully gold foil gems:
All new fabric from dear Stella!

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Kickstart

Monday is here.

My weekend felt long - keeping everything ready for open house and viewings is energy zapping...but, one must get through this stuff to get onto the next bit. With a need for a inspirational kickstart to the week, but with the next viewing at 10, I decided to pull out some of my fav photos from my recent Mendocino trip.

Mendocino is enchanting place along the N.California coast. The weather can be harsh, but oh those wild elements play with our stuff. While there this time I was intrigued with the fences. The basic designs that were chosen and then how the weathered along the wild coast. A visual feast....

Do you have a favorite?

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pinterest Hop

or the confessions of visual collection junkie...
Since being told to 'just do it' --- it being joining Pinterest I have been having a blast.

Today it hit me just how much I love the visual hopping that takes place upon signing in.

While I love seeing all the pinnings: I love using them to jump off points. Each allowing me to dive in and find out about 'new to me' wonderful people, their art and their lives. (sort of like diving for treasures in the deep end of the pool)

Just today I dove into a posting made of of Marcus Walters image.
(love his simple imagery)

This led me to John Buck...

that led me to Cynthia St. Charles

Imagine how much fun is out there waiting to be found.

Come on... Dive In!  The water's great....

Friday, August 3, 2012

Fun-Tastic Friday

Awoken early by my cats, I was able to sit and run through Facebook this morning. Coffee in hand I caught up with all the happenings. One in particular stayed with me. There was a photo of a quilt guild meeting. Really just a gathering photo taken from the back of a room -- literally Down-Under.

What struck me was the caption. "Everyone braved the weather to get to tonight's meeting." The world is made so much smaller by the internet, and we are gently reminded of our similarities and subtly of our differences. It looked like any other gathering of quilters, but it is fun to be reminded that the other side of the world is experiencing their winter now as we are enjoying our summer.

But, no matter the weather quilting---gathering with friends is always fun and worth braving the weather, or making a special effort to join in.

On this Fun-Tastic Friday I am off to enjoy a So.California treat. Laguna Beach & the Sawdust Festival!

Good company, sun, fun and art ---
Wishing you a grand day --
the lead into a wonderful weekend!