Friday, August 3, 2012

Fun-Tastic Friday

Awoken early by my cats, I was able to sit and run through Facebook this morning. Coffee in hand I caught up with all the happenings. One in particular stayed with me. There was a photo of a quilt guild meeting. Really just a gathering photo taken from the back of a room -- literally Down-Under.

What struck me was the caption. "Everyone braved the weather to get to tonight's meeting." The world is made so much smaller by the internet, and we are gently reminded of our similarities and subtly of our differences. It looked like any other gathering of quilters, but it is fun to be reminded that the other side of the world is experiencing their winter now as we are enjoying our summer.

But, no matter the weather quilting---gathering with friends is always fun and worth braving the weather, or making a special effort to join in.

On this Fun-Tastic Friday I am off to enjoy a So.California treat. Laguna Beach & the Sawdust Festival!

Good company, sun, fun and art ---
Wishing you a grand day --
the lead into a wonderful weekend!



Valerie Kamikubo said...

Did you buy anything at the Sawdust Festival? I need to get down there. I always wax nostalgic. It's where Dan and I had our first real date... dare I say, forty years ago.

Rose Hughes said...

that's a pretty cool 1st date Val -Dave & I hiked up to the Hollywood sign... I did not get anything, but it is always fun to see who's still there and what's changed and what hasn't.... early was definitely the time to get there