Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More about Long Beach Quilt Festival

It was just a week ago when the quilts were going up at the quilt festival in Long Beach. It seemed liked there was a bit of something for everyone, and they were all wonderful.

I had a piece in the Quilts on the Wall: Fiber Artists special exhibit 'Journeys', and boy did our group have a great time chatting with the visitors and sharing our group's goals and ideas. Though there is nothing like being there I'm posting quick photos taken of our exhibit, and of course our current President, David Charity. This is his first year and I think you can tell by the photo that he's having a good time. His better half is Trish and they are a 'quilting couple'. (this must have a few good benefits, but maybe some not so good one's, too).

There were also two Studio Art Quilt Assn exhibits as well, and tho no pictures were allowed in the exhibits there were a more than few members that had a great time sharing with visitors from that group, too. The special exhibit - SAQA @ 20 - curator Cindy Rinne was on hand to give a couple of guided walk throughs.

I have to admit to having such a great time that I did not take enough pictures, and of course there is no picture taking out with the vendors... but for me that's the sign of a great show --- lack of photos!!! Hope you enjoy the ones I did take.