Friday, March 12, 2010

Tooling Around ---

OK - not a good pun, but I wanted to share a picture of the work table in my studio. This was taken just a couple of days ago...

it holds the contents of my new book, Exploring Embellishments... yes, really...
when the manuscript is written the author gathers up all the other stuff to go along with it. It is organized and packaged and shipped off with all the quilts and a little cd. After all the pictures are taken, the pages laid out, editing, editing and more editing... all the stuff is sent back to you.

What a treat it is, too... all those fun and wonderful tools and things return home!

The box went first (down to the recycle bin) and slowly but surely things are being cherished a bit, then put away. Silly, but I really missed the small nail filing cool when you have to sand little areas.

I'm off this weekend to teach in San Diego, for Canyon Quilters. Should be FUN!
Don't forget to post about your favorite tool -- one more week before I pull the winning name.

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