Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cultivate An Obsession

I've chatted about starting and keeping a 'color book' or a 'perspective book' a number of times, for they have been important to me and my art.

Recently this idea of 'seeing' and gathering data came full circle for me, in of all places, a book called, Crow Planet, Essential Wisdom from the Urban Wilderness, by Lyanda Lynn Haup.

A number of months ago one of my sisters told me she bought me a present. It never showed up, and finally one day she confessed that she was having a great time reading it for herself, but she assured me that it was time for it to travel. The book made it to me, and in just the first chapter I found that there is a much larger wisdom being shared here.
It is not a book 'just' about watching crows... it is much bigger. Once part that really struck home with me, the artist..not the raven/crow watcher that I already am, was her chapter on Preparing. Each part of her preparation was really getting you ready to BE AWARE. When I read the section on Cultivate an Obsession it all made sense. Lyanda stated, "...a good question fills us with a sense of purpose and gives structure to our observations. It engages our mind on levels unforeseen."

In her next section she talks about carrying a notebook...boy, that hit right home for me. The gathering of data--whether it be putting into words, making a a few sketches, or snapping a few pictures helps to capture the moment of discovery so we can ponder in delight over shining a bit of light onto our question.

what obsession are you cultivating at the moment?


Karen said...

I have this book and my reaction was just like yours. I love keeping a notebook handy at all times and recording things to go into depth later. It is a perfect book for sharing. Onward urban explorers and naturalists!!

natalie. beyond the reef said...

Thanks, Rose, for the good suggestion.
I realized when I was in Hawaii last, that I carry my camera with me EVERYWHERE. It has become my 'notebook' of late.

Rose Hughes said...

thanks for the comments. I find that I learn so much, and want to know even more as I write it all down. As you say Karen, ONWARD!