Sunday, October 18, 2009

Frazzled No More

The craziness of getting everything ready to hit the road is behind me now, and whatever has been forgotten just is (afraid this includes the cable to download pix from my camera). The best part of letting this go is being able to sit here looking out at the sun coming up over Puget Sound on this quiet Sunday morning while typing this message. So far my trip has been filled with quiet times and fun times taking in some local fun. Since the missing cable makes it impossible for the moment to share some of the great fall photos I've been taking I am sharing the photo of a recent commission based on this very view of the Cascades. The roses in that garden that inspired the piece have all been cut back but with the quilt they are never far out of mind. Wishing you all a delightful Sunday! ~Rose


KimQuiltz said...

Absolutely recognizable as a Pacific Northwest view, I love the whimsical quality. Beautiful!

Linda said... your style

Rose Hughes said...

thanks for the comments... it is wonderful to be up here-- always love visiting Seattle and surrounds!