Thursday, October 29, 2009

Book 2-Photo Shoot

Two days were spent working with Brent Kane the photographer at Martingale Publishing last week in Seattle. He is amazing to work with. So much experience and a studio that any photographer would find very comfortable to work in. Though the pix of him here does not show him at the camera it does show him at one of his incredibly organized tool drawers. I do love organization, and Brent has it together.

Day one we spent working with Karen from marketing who was the hand model for the book. There was definitely fun times and laughter happening in the studio that day, but it didn't stop the work from moving right along. Day two was spent on materials set up shots and a day where Brent's background shines through.

Only the quilts themselves remain to be shot. Phew!!! Fun as always, and a treat to be up in the Martingale offices where everyone is just wonderful to work with.

Think this will catch me up with Seattle....
on to the next...
stitching & stitching


Carol said...

My hubbie gave me Dream Landscapes for my birthday yesterday. It is gorgeous. I'm looking forward to trying out your ideas.

Rose Hughes said...

Carol-I hope you have a wonderful time with the book. Please send photos once you have a chance to play!