Monday, March 30, 2009

Earth Voices Exhibition

Today was an amazing day.
Susan Willen, Joanell Connelly, Cindy Rinne and I got together at the Koehler Gallery to hang our new exhibit, Earth Voices. It is alway amazing when the four of us show together, for our work is really diverse, but always wo
rks well (as we do, too) together. This time is no exception. We had a great time. The Koehler Gallery has been completely redone (beautiful space), since the four of us had showed there about two years ago. For those who attending that reception, it will always be remembered as the reception in 'the dark'. It took place on what turned out to be the first day of the San Diego fires. Winds roared through the valleys and caused the power outage that left the whole area in the dark. We took it all in stride. The food table was lit by candlelight, and flashlights were used to get a close look at all the quilt art. We had fun, but are holding out hope that the reception for Earth Voices on April 25th will be fully lit. The new hanging system in place in the gallery works great, but there was a bit of a learning curve. Cindy's husband Dan kept us on track, and all looked great as we took off for home. There is a picture of the four of us with ladders, hammer, levels and sticks... mostly obsolete for use with this hanging system, but we had them with us none the less. Coffee kept us going and Susan came prepared with a large thermos. Look for the exhibit postcard here as well.

Hope many of you get a chance to see the exhibit first hand, for there's nothing like seeing these works in person.

Happily, getting back to stitchin soon...

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