Friday, March 20, 2009

More March Mayhem

It was just a week ago when I visited New Moon Textiles in Pasadena, CA. It was a wild evening filled with quilts, books and sharing a little bit about my journey as a quiltmaker, quilt artist. It was over dinner that Bobbie (owner of NMT) and her husband, both mathematicians, introduced me to the world of those celebrating PI. Who knew? It is wild to think about the folks that planned and celebrated the circle. My mind wandered to all sorts of pies… mostly those with whipped cream…. But it was nice to know that there were lots of people celebrating math and the wonder of geometry. That was last Friday. Since then there were meetings (Quilts on the Wall) that were a lot of fun, and my opening reception at the Soft Expressions Gallery. Thank you to all those who attended. It is a small inviting space, and we all had a nice time chatting. You can tell by the condition of the snack tray… folks enjoyed more than just the quilts.

Since Saturday I have been happily working on several new and old projects. I had even more fun playing with making my own beads, and I've included here a few pictures of these little fun gems.

Time this weekend will be spent with John (the tax man), but beyond that I am hoping to take in some of the springtime sights... wish me luck!

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