Friday, March 13, 2009

New Moon Textile (madness)

Hi All-
The fact that it is Friday the 13th, escaped my notice until I was connecting all my dots together this morning. Friday the 13th, close to a full moon, and a cool visit out at New Moon Textiles planned!

Bobby out at New Moon Textiles has put a really fun weekend together at the store to help usher in Spring Madness, and I am really glad to be part of it. Spring has always been my favorite of seasons. Things coming back to life after a wintertime of sleep... always a great time to start something new.

I will have lots of quilts, books and my new line of patterns with me this evening, am looking forward to the start of a FULL weekend, and seeing lots of folks. I promise to try and keep my camera handy!

happily stitchin'
on my book - trunk show pieces pictured here, that are scheduled to hit the road in a couple of weeks
(from my newly purchased studio chair)


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