Monday, March 9, 2009

Barnes & Noble

Saturday was great fun! The folks at Barnes & Noble went out of their way to create a festive and creative day for lots of folks. There were folks there from a national sorority who had bookplates to color and create. Then for each bookplate you made they would donate a book to a literacy program and your name would be on the bookplate given. There was a table piled high... I mean really high... with all kinds of 'stuff'. Paper stuff that could be cut up, pasted, painted, colored .... or anything you could think of to make Artist Trading Cards. Ideas and methods were shared along with supplies and give-aways. I was there, too... sharing my quilts and of course showing folks how to bead. A really nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Sunday was spent finishing up my quilt 'Eyes Skyward'. It felt great to get the piece done... for there is another bringing up the wings... waiting for it's chance as well.

I'm planning to have this piece with me, this coming Friday evening at New Moon Textiles in Pasadena. I'll be there to speak and give a small trunk show. Books & Patterns will also be available. Bobbie from New Moon has a wonderful store and I'm exciting to be going there!

More info to follow.
Looking forward to MORE stitchin' ~Rose

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