Saturday, July 30, 2011

Long Beach Quilt Festival or Bust

It has been a whirlwind summer. Loads of fun and definitely not lacking in places to go, things to see & do. A couple of weeks ago I was visiting my friends house -- she is the owner of Beyond the Reef Patterns and was up to her eyebrows in fabric she was prepping for the 'happening NOW' Long Beach International Quilt Festival.

When I did I fell in love with some wild Marcia Derse fabric --- I just had to put them into a quilt... and then of course have it all ready to demo for Natalie's booth.

Well, here's the quilt... and you'll find me all this weekend at the show, and at Beyond the Reef from 12-2 on Fri/Sat & Sun.

phew...I'm off and hope to see many of you there!


Valerie Kamikubo said...

Somehow I missed you all together when I was at the festival yesterday. I had a great time strolling through the vendors and seeing some amazing quilts. I love the vibrant movement of your demo quilt, Rose!

Rose Hughes said...

I felt a bit cheated Val when I got home and realized we did not find each other... sometime soon. I have one more day there. it certainly has been fun!

Butterfly said...

Love this quilt and nice to chat to you after Jake's talk on Saturday. I went and bought some of Marcia Derse fabric to take home with me.


Martine Kuciel said...

superbe ,tonique et frais ,le résultat est époustouflant :j'adore les couleurs