Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mixing It Up at Sisters

This was my second year teaching at Quilters Affaire...and this first picture was taken during the What's On Top? Embellishments class. Students had a fun, but fast day learning 10 different ways to embellish -- and since we were in a school with whiteboards begging to be used... well, I just couldn't resist.

After a wonderful week of classed, I stayed on for the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show. Last year I stood in amazement as the quilts went up and with camera in hand happily recorded some favorites. This year I jumped in, volunteered and got to hang quilts and help out at the children's booth.

There was little time for picture taking. But, what is etched into my memory is that with 1400+ quilts that were hanging, no one was left out. Traditional quilts hung happily along side of art quilts and there were modern quilts hanging as well... all equally wonderful and all amazing the thousands and thousands of visitors that descended upon the city as the sun came up.
The newspaper guide of the event contained the wonderful mix-up of genres of quilts too, for there were special exhibits of Gees Bend quilts, SAQA and the Modern Quilters of Portland... just to name a few. And, of course there was the SHOPPING! I admit that I got a bit carried away with my purchase there of wool roving.... but, I couldn't help myself. It also may work out to benefit you as well, for I'll be posting these to website-embellishments-products page. (wool will be posted by this weekend)

Mention Gone Crazy in Sisters and receive free postage on 1 - item thru July 31st!

I feel especially blessed to not only live to see so many 'types' of quilts being displayed at Sisters, but to be part of it all as well. The lines are being crossed between us all and the mixing of it all will lead to even more beautifully designed and executed quilts.... and of course the next genre.


Valerie Kamikubo said...

I think that I need to make a trip to Sisters some year. At least it's on the West Coast so there's no excuse :^)

Rose Hughes said...

no excuse at all! maybe next year we can head up there together. so nice to hear from you Val...