Monday, July 18, 2011

To Bill Volckening:

While in Sisters I was really pleased to have had a chance to hear the lecture of Bill Volckening. Most of you know me as the art quilter....but there was a time that I not only created more traditional work, but studied to become an quilt appraiser. My love of the quilters that came before me and to those who will come after me is strong, for we are linked together in stitches. Bill's wonderful collection was thrilling to see and oh how I love New York Beauties! My love of this little treasures was made even stronger in the '90s as paper piecing made these 'a tiny bit' easier to stitch together.

It was also during this time that I was the president of Flying Geese Quilters of Irvine, California. As their custom, they create a special quilt for their outgoing presidents... AND THEY ASK YOU WHAT YOU'D LIKE TO HAVE! I was lucky enough to have a smart, savvy wonderful quilter in charge of creating my quilt --- Nancy Jacobus, and if you know her please pass along this big thank you. She held mini workshops before guild started to get the 'points' stitched just right. And, I do hold this quilt very dear indeed. (they even got ravens in there-just for me)

I feel that Bill should see this unique and wonderful quilt, and I can't help but want to share it with all of you, too. Enjoy!


Willy Wonky said...


You are too kind! This is Bill, but I go by Willy Wonky on Blogger and Facebook. After I got back from Sisters I blogged about the talk and included pictures:

Kay Stephenson said...

Love the quilt your guild made for you, and the blog. Thanks for sharing.

Rose Hughes said...

It isvreally fun to share this quilt..though thinking about how long ago it was made make me sit back and take stock. It is still as of a treat seeing it each day as it was when threy unveiled it. Thank You Kay & Bill for your comments.