Monday, August 1, 2011

The Quilt that Disappeared in the Night

Ok, ok, this might be a bit of an exaggeration. The quilt I'm sharing here is one that was specifically made for the Quilts on the Wall special exhibit - Bridges. When the opportunity first presented itself there was no instant inspiration... and it wasn't until much later (and much closer to the deadline) that the light bulb went off and idea presented itself. I was happy about this for my good friend jo Griffith was overseeing this juried exhibit and had asked me to participate if I could. So, the quilt was made.... the title 'Watch Where You Step' and the piece pleased me, but off it had to go. First to jo, who then handled working with the jurors and hanging crew until it finally appeared at the Long Beach Quilt Festival this past weekend.

I was all excited, seeing the piece once again after abandoning it at such an early age. Excited, too that I was going to get to have it back -- I even made a special place for it to hang at the front of my home, but I must have skipped over the part that it was to be traveling. I really thought this was a one time deal -- oh, well, it will come home eventually. The picture below is of jo, who is such a great handler of all us quilt artists and an amazing promoter of us all. I could not help snapping this as she wisked away the quilt(s). Thank you jo.... for ALL you do!

And, thank you all for listening to me wine a bit, but I think anyone can understand wanting just to get back a piece of artwork you let go of way too early. Hope you enjoy seeing it here, and seeing jo in the second photo wisking it away to be packed up and sent on to... I think the next stop is in PA.


Valerie Kamikubo said...

It's a very nice piece, Rose. I can see why you'd like to spend a little time with it before it heads off.

Rose Hughes said...

I will just have to imagine it on the wall by the front door for another bit of time. I look forward to walking on the bridge soon.