Friday, August 12, 2011

Anthology Fabrics

One of the benefits of living in Los Angeles is that it is the home to some wonderful businesses....including some incredible fabric manufacturing companies. New on the scene in the last couple of years is Anthology Fabrics. And please don't equate new with a small line of fabrics... anything but can be seen in the showrooms, and website pages of this fabric-maker. Since they first came on the scene I was attracted to the strong colors and intriguing designs, and yesterday I was able to lucky enough to walk through their facilities.

The showroom was amazing. Kind of a room of opposites for besides all the fabrics lined up -- ready to run your hands over and definitely a treat for the eyes, the room was adorned with modern furnishings and spiced up with an old treadle sewing machine and framed batik stamps.

But, I loved walking through the warehouse. Stacks, and stacks of colorful fabric awaiting shipment. So much creative opportunity in one BIG space.

I hope you get a bit of the feel of the place and a little inspiration rubs off from these pictures.

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