Saturday, March 5, 2011

Yosemite Quilt Saga Update

I do love it when a plan comes together. So it is probably no wonder that I love quilting. I really don't care how spontaneous one works there is always an element of what steps to take, and in what order to every piece created. Some steps are highly creative and others are just things that must be done in order to use your materials. The steps documented here today are a mixture of both. They're gonna  walk you through what happens after that design is completed.
I use an overhead projector to enlarge my designs -
this is what it looks like behind the scenes.
Here the design is enlarged using pencil--
for there is always time to tweek the design or make changes

the marker comes out and the patterning process continues-
one to be the guide and one to cut up

ahhh ---- picking out fabrics/ one of the best parts!

here the fabrics have all been picked
and we're ready to prep everything for sewing


Roisin Markham said...

Rose, love seeing your process. I know several artists who work like this especially for large murals.
In terms of materials how do you start choosing? By color or pattern... or?

Rose Hughes said...

Hi Roisin - it starts with the color, but then quickly after that is pattern & texture...the fabric sets the stage.