Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Yosemite Chapel - Quilt Saga Update

I am home and in-between travels to Texas and Iowa -- and, luckily for me there is a bit of time that I am able to keep working on my Yosemite Chapel quilt. Right before leaving for Quilting Adventures in Texas I stitched and stitched away to get the top done. I thought it would be fun to show during the evening when the teachers got to share their own work.

I did manage to get it all pulled together, but I have to admit that in the process I broke my own rule.....'never cut or sew on anything important after 9pm'. Being a morning person, by nine at night I start to really slow down and through the years I have learned - or so I thought... well, thinking, just this time/ I was so close..

should have thought again... would have saved a lot more time and effort if I would have just waited til morning.

In any case, the quilt top is DONE, done, done and lickity split it was layered and pinned.

This is how it traveled to and was shown in Texas - along with the original unfinished quilt top. The folks there totally understood me when I declared that I must have been possessed when I chose those fabrics. I think most of us have been there!

Since coming home I have been working on the next step - couching yarns -- so the saga will continue...


Lynn Douglass said...

I think the quilt is wonderful! I know this chapel, and I love your rendition of it! Can't wait to see it completely finished!

natalie. beyond the reef said...

STUNNING. Just stunning.

Valerie Kamikubo said...

Here I am commenting on your post at 4:30 AM because as you know, I am a morning person too. This morning I can't even blame it on the cat. I love the way little chapel glistens and the fabrics you chose for this one are perfect. It's so much fun to hear of and see your process with this. Thanks :)

Rose Hughes said...

it is barely 7am and I am happy to report that I am already half way through my stack of to-do's - which means I can hopefully get studio time today - an unexpected treat!thank you all for your comments, makes sharing this one all the more fun!