Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday's Teaser - Sketchbook Challenge

The Tuesday Teaser subject this week is:


  Join in fun, and share with others your own Tuesday Teaser
drawing & collage, or words & short tale.
It’s easy, so grab your sketchbook or some paper.
1. make a timed drawing (5 minutes) of something/ anything that comes to mind when you think about the teaser
2. create a collage (15 minutes) using the drawing ideas to guide your way

Or if you love is of words…
1. make a list of all the words this week’s teaser makes you think up (5 minutes)
2. create a short tale (15 minutes) using your word list

I'll be posting the design group's sketchbook results on Monday-next.
I'd love to share yours, too so email your drawings or word wanderings to me... Tuesday Teaser and I'll include as many as possible!

How about a little sketchbook twist? Every once in a while it's good to through a little twist into these stretching exercises. How 'bout spilling all your collage strap materials onto the table; then close your eyes and grab a handful. Using just these scraps create a collage... no peeking now! Have fun.

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