Tuesday, October 19, 2010

PIQF Followup

This snapshot summed it up...people were here to see quilts!

OK, I admit between all the busy, fun time being had there was little time to post the daily happenings at Pacific International Quilt Festival. As usual it was a wonderful show with loads of incredible quilts and more big and little fun new things to either add to your stash or tool kit than you can possibly imagine. There were heart stopping beautiful quilts, and others that were edgie, ones that loaded up on the visual treats and others that were very subtle but packed just as much impact. The judges had their work cut out for them, and the special exhibits were amongst some of my favorites.  The only group that did not seem to had a special exhibit this year are the new 'Modern Quilters'.

I asked the festival coordinator about the missing modern quilters and she said she would be absolutely delighted to see an exhibition presented quilts of this style, and I do hope that we begin to see more from this group. I hate to think of this, but I can remember a time when art quilts were not represented at the big festivals. This has long been resolved, and it is great to see new styles and new ideas being presented.

Dawn from Creation Station
Sew Batik,,,so much fun!
The girls from Beyond the Reef
the Stitchin Post

The other favorite part of visiting PIQF is the great shopping opportunities, and I'm sharing here some of my favorite places that were full of fun and great stuff at the show.

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