Monday, October 11, 2010

Change In Plans

Life around here for the last month has been pretty busy. Fall always brings a rush of activity. Events filled with meeting new and old friends and generally having enough opportunities to fill a calendar to brimming. Mine was filled up with days allotted to working in the studio, with a few openings, a couple of meetings, parties thrown in for fun... then everything took a little detour. You know a detour - a roundabout course used temporarily when the main route is closed.

Well I didn't have a road close, but a friend got sick and I made an offer to step in and cover one of her commitments. This is where the fun begins. Now I am off to No.CA to attend Pacific International Quilt Festival, and while there is work that will need to be done I am really looking forward to visiting this always wonderful collection of quilts, vendors and people having fun.

I'll be working at the Mulberry Leaf booth #602 (if you're around... stop by), and I've been pulling together a book signing for Sat.- there at the booth between 3-5. I also get to visit my Noble Seasons-Summer piece...

Now I must return to packing. The kitties know something is up, but they've gotten used to keeping their dad company. If you're getting the chance - whether planned or not... to visit the festival, I hope you stop by to say hi. Pictures are pretty much guaranteed. Have a great week!

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