Friday, October 29, 2010

Houston - Quilt Market 2010

I sit in my hotel room this evening totally tuckered out from a day of walking, talking and generally running from one great presentation to another checking out the 'what's new' in the world of fabric, books, tool and my favorite... embellishments! This kind of sums up Schoolhouse - a wild whirlwind of new stuff.

It all starts early in the morning, for you have to get up to get the Schoolhouse brochure in order to figure out just where you want to go.... so starting at 8am you can pick up the program and use the time until 10am coming up with a game plan before the doors open. Check out the ladies working up their own personal playbooks....

We picked up ours and headed for breakfast, where four of us worked out who would go where, when and to see who and pick up what... confusing? not at all....

We went from session to session having a great time until text messages started to quietly invade -- time for a break - and a meet up at 1:30.  Vicky here is one of our group and has taken on the job of Quilt Slave for my other friends (editors of Quilters Home) Jake and Melissa and she is definitely smiling with anticipation of heading back into the fray for afternoon sessions.

For me the last session of the day was one put on by Kreinik Manufacturers - Doug, one of the owners who is always amazing and the people in the back (where I was) going 'how cool is that!' Amazing how a bunch of thread can make a group of grown woman 'sooooooo' happy. 

The day done, there was only the evening left. Heavy bags of goodies (no Halloween candy here) sorted and in the case of fabric 'oohhed and aahhed' over one more time. Nite time activities will have to be reported by others, for I'll never tell!


natalie. beyond the reef said...

"What happens at Market, stays at Market?"
Sounds like a productive day of friends and finds.
Pace yourself!!

Rose Hughes said...

you know exactly what I mean Natalie...what happens at market, stays at market. thanks for checking in for all the details!