Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Youngest Woolie Maker!

As most of you know one of the techniques I shared in my latest book was how to make small wool objects to embellish up and put on quilts. I have been using these myself for several years and affectionately call them woolies...

Well, while I have been busy this week working on drawings for some new work... and missing fabric just a bit I received this wonderful email from Pam GB-- (I'm just going to copy it here!)

This is miss Sophie who is 6. She will be in first grade. She came to my bee with her Grandmother when I was showing the others how to make woolies. She loved them! She got the process very quickly..except she put lots and lots of roving into each one...not wisps. This is how they came out! We all loved them! She is not sure what she will do with them, but was very happy with the process...except for the fact that they had to be washed and she had to wait to see them. I am sending you her other photo too. Is she the youngest person to make them or are you doing this with lots of kids? Pam GB

The picture was so much fun that I had to ask if I could share it-- Mom said yes, so here is a picture of Sophie.... The Youngest Woolie Maker!

They certainly look GREAT!
Thanks for sharing these with me, Pam & Sophie!

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