Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Day Just Like Today

It has been a fun-filled busy summer and I have been enjoying every moment. I have especially enjoyed this past week--time at home--time to catch up with some paperwork--time to organize & mess up the studio with some new projects buzzing through my head. Some have had me purchasing wood, pulling out the saw, nails and hammer....
no, I haven't given up quilting...

I will share some of these things later on this week, but today I wanted to share some other photos.

My husband & I went on Sunday afternoon to the local park..picnic lunch in hand, he with a magazine and I with my sketchbook. This is what summer is about-- enjoying the glorious days, relaxing and having a great time. When we got there all was quiet but you could tell that the park had not been long deserted for the remnants of a huge balloon archway had obviously blown (just out of reach into the trees). The colors of these fun shapes up in the trees were enhanced by the sun shining through -- so, I had to take some pictures & share. You'll just have to imagine though sitting in this quiet serene place and every once in while hearing a "POP!" of the summer breeze having its way with the balloons.
I wish for you all a day of relaxing, enjoyment taking shape for you in your own special way.
Or, as John Denver said -
"If I had a day, that I could give you -- I’d give to you, a day just like today"