Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thinking About Organizing?

Today I went through torrential rains in order to make it to Design Group
We continued our work on creating stamps using foam, and I promise to show those pictures later this week.

But, for now my mind is still spinning with thoughts about organizing our work spaces. Are you thinking about yours? Well, the one thing I believe you should keep in mind is that Organizing Can Be Fun.... o.k. you can stop laughing now.

Really, take the few steps below, make the process fun:

1. Think about what you do in the space.

2. What tools do you use in this space.

3. How about the type of materials?

4. Lastly, how do YOU operate?

Once you think about these things for a bit...
Dream up just how you want your space to look like, and how you see yourself working there.

Keep in mind:

Clean does NOT mean organized....

What you have in this space and how it looks should make YOU happy.

Add things that inspire you, nourish you and make YOU feel good.

Would love to hear about your special place. Big, small--something in between.

More about Design Group soon... promise! Definitely, fun.

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