Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pin Weaving - Mojo Doll Creativity Shield

Last week I had posted pictures of my small studio mojo dolls and promised to tell you about how I had used up some fun yarn scraps to make their wonderful creativity shields. It has been a busy week filled with ups and downs, but as promised here are the steps for the pin weaving.

The very first thing you'll want to do is create a
small loom. This I did by taking scrap foam core
board and trimming it to the size I wanted.
To hold the yarn in place to weave I cut a 1/2" notche approximately every 3/4" across the top and bottom of the board.

After this was done I wrapped yarn thru the notches.

Once this done, you can take scraps of various
yarns, thread them onto a large yarn needle
and weave them in and out. As loose or as tight
as you like.

Leave yourself several inches of yarn as you start and stop
the adding of the various yarns.

With the weaving all done you can tie these off and create
a fringe,
or re-thread them onto the yarn needle and run them thru
the back to hide the ends.

With sides tied off, turn the cardboard loom over, then
by snipping from the middle you can now tie these off
top and bottom to finish as you like.

I chose to hide my top threads, while adding extras to
the bottom to make it fuller.

These are tons of fun to make and the possibilities to use them..
well, endless.

Have fun! ~Rose


Analeerose said...

Great idea for small weavings. You can glue 1/4" strips of foamcore at the top and bottom of the loom - just below and above the cut strips. This raises the warp threads and makes it easier to pick them up when weaving. Thanks Rose!

Rose Hughes said...

What a great idea, Analee! It will definitely make the in & out of the weaving go a bit easier. Thanks for sharing.