Monday, January 18, 2010

I'm Back -- Tales From Valley Quilters

Boy it seems like such a long time since I had a chance to share with you about what's been going on. Travel starting a week ago last Sunday took me to into the San Fernando Valley just north of Los Angeles for a visit with two quilting guilds there. Over the week I gave three 1-day workshops, all my Fast-Piece Applique and in total I had just over 50 students. All's I have to say is WHAT FUN! I do love teaching this workshop for everyone goes home with a piece almost done, usually just in need of embellishments, but even better, they go home knowing a new, fun and definitely easy technique to sew curves, circles and all the funky shapes they can think up. And boy, I've never seen two pieces even remotely alike. The folks in the SF guilds came up with some great stuff, too! One class seem hooked on spirals, and in another faces and people popped up. The construction method lends itself to almost anything and we saw a lot. The folks pix's I'm sharing here were from the first group-- and as photos come in I'll try to share them here. The lecture selected at these guilds was The Organized Quilter. Always a January favorite, with everyone figuring out just where to store all those holiday decorations and gifts they may have gotten. We use a bit of quilter's magic during this presentation and everyone has a chance to share ideas on how to save time, and become Stuff Masters. There are always new ideas being shared, so no one goes home without a mental note or two. I always take time to remind everyone that it's important to not only set a goal but to share it out LOUD with someone, so there was definitely some great quilt goals being shared!

Do you have a favorite way to store your fabric, thread or tools?
I'd love to have you share them here and I'll make sure they get added to my booklet on the Organized Quilter that is currently being revised and is soon to be available as an eBook.

Please Share!
or As we said during our meetings last week...
AbraCadabra....Help us get those quilts made!

Having fun -- and ready to stitch,


Jill said...

Rose, I tried to leave a message for you on facebook, but I am not computer literate and had difficulty leaving you a comment. I just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed your presentation at the Valley Quiltmaker's Guild. I found it very inspirational and your work lovely. I hope this comment gets me into the raffle for your booklet. Thanks for a wonderful meeting. Jill Tovey

kimbuktu said...

Wow, your workshop looks like a lot of fun!

I make thread tamers in my shop which are great for keeping your spools neat and tidy. I'll try and add a link:

Don't know if that is the type of thing you are looking for.

Rose Hughes said...

Got it Jill. You did good. And K - the thread tamers are perfect!