Thursday, January 21, 2010

Little Studio Mojo Dolls

A fun idea was recently passed along to me.... why not create a little doll for the studio that could be jazzed up with all the things you like, and therefore give you creative boost. This little doll was to be instilled with lots of positive mojo.

Liking the idea, I set off, and having some new interfacing products I want to test for ease of use and beading this seemed perfect. And, after all, two would be better than one.

The test began with selecting a red and pink silk similar in weigh
t and texture for the test. You can see this in pictures here.

Each of the sampled products:

Sulky Tender Touch


Pellon 865F Bi-Stretch Lite

Each of these were stitched together and subjected to a bit of machine & hand stitching that proved very similar results.
Both worked well
, but I do have at least one more to test -
Pellon Designer Lite (for another day).

I went on to embellish these two little dolls and had a great time weaving yarns to make each of them a shield.
Look for the little weaving step-outs later this week.
I do hate having to run these tests but manufacturers stop making materials, or change 'the recipe' which then makes finding a good alternative necessary.
At least this time its been FUN, too!


SaraK said...

Aww, these are adorable. I love how you made the shields and the added charms and beading are perfect. I feel good mojo coming your way! I love it how you share your techniques :)

Rose Hughes said...

Thanks is fun to send these messages out into the world and even more fun to hear that they are enjoyed. The yarn weavings are really fun and I'll be posting about them soon.

DAWNO said...

I want one..I suggest you make them and sell them...lets take a small survey "How much would you pay for one of these cuties"

beth said...

Heather Kent sent me over. Your blog has lots of inspiration!

Rose Hughes said...

thanks for your comments. Dawn, I hope to be making a few more of these fun little dolls and put them up on my Etsy shop... I'll keep you posted.