Thursday, December 3, 2009

Celebrating A Year!

It's been a Wild and FUN year of firsts for me!
Thanks for clicking in and sharing this one year celebration of new beginnings. Sometimes we get pushed into new things, and we are better off for it. Seems like just yesterday that I sat at breakfast meeting and was told that I just 'had to' have a blog. And, though I went figuratively kicking & screaming, I jumped in and started really enjoying the blog... so much so, that when I was told that Twitter was what I needed 'to do' it only took a friendly nudge from a close buddy to convince me to wade out into the shallow end of the pool.

This time last year I started my blog...

Though life is busy, I have found it fun to share the where, what & when of many of the projects I have worked on-or am working on at the moment. I know that many of you enjoy it too, for I hear it all the time.

It was also this time last year that I did my first webair interview...

this was on
Kimberly Wulfert's, Women On Quilts blog. It was just beginning as well, and since then Kimberly's audio interview library has certainly grown.

If you want to hear my 'first' interview
CLICK HERE. This will take you directly to the audio of that interview, so make sure you have your speakers on.

Today, well..
This morning on Twitter someone shared a wonderful link to sunrise photos - Sunrise is always my favorite time of day... can be beautiful, inspiring and always reminds me of new beginnings. Seemed appropriate, so I went looking thru older quilts and am sharing this set of four sunrise in Idyllwild, CA pieces done back in '02.

Hope you enjoy them.


Nancy said...

Happy 1st! May you joyfully have many more. Love seeing what is going on in your life.

Rose Hughes said...

Nancy-thank you again for your comments. It was definitely fun pulling these long ago sold pieces out for another look, and to share them.

Anonymous said...

Rose! Love those trees - the way they're pieced in that swoopy curve - they're just delicious! And the bright colors - to DYE for! ;-)

I'm just digging through my inbox and I see that I'd sent myself some info about the quilts on the wall group. Was it you who suggested I get involved with them?