Thursday, December 17, 2009

California Live Oak

The oak that has been appearing over the last month in my blogposts has been finished and it was shipped out on Monday. It was a lot of fun bringing that quilt to life and sharing it here. The inspiration photos were posted back on a warm day in August, and the finished piece brings me back to the morning those photos were taken. Since that day there has been drawings and fabrics played with, considered, chosen, and even manipulated in order to bring about the feelings of that warm morning sunlight with the grasses slightly swaying and the rocks thrown there from another time peeking through.

Also since that time in a Twitter moment there was Beth, known to me as @moonflowernco who summed it all up with her Haiku -
wind passes over / the tall grass whispers softly / stay here forever

I hope you enjoy the photo here of the completed piece and the close-up of the leaves,
finished especially for this piece.

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