Saturday, December 19, 2009

Fabric Surface Design - Birch Needed

Well, in between shopping, wrapping, and holiday events I've been working on my final quilt of the year (I think it will be). It is a piece due for an invitational and I have been looking forward to working on it for a while. The 'Summer' piece is about a romp in the woods... Everything was progressing well but there was a need for a special fabric to represent the birch trees that are featured.

The following are photos of the surface design process I used to create my own birch tree fabric.

I started with white velveteen that I cut to fit and
taped to a foam swimming noodle.

Then I mixed up fabric paints and brushed on some
larger spots.

Donning gloves, I placed string into the paint and proceeded to using the string to apply the paint.

I then removed the fabric from the form and hung to dry.

Lastly, before using the fabric I heat set the paint. The fabric is working out well...

Back to holiday, fun for a bit!



Diane Wright said...

That is a very creative solution...inspired even.

natalie. beyond the reef said...

This is absolutely INCREDIBLE!
I can't wait to do this - - I love white birch, but I would love my OWN white birch even more...thank you rose for great step by step stuff - keep it coming!

Waterrose said...

that is a very cool process. I've wondered what else I could use the swimming noodles for! LOL

Rose Hughes said...

thank you your comments. the fabric is working out well in its new transformation. funny how things come about.

Anonymous said...

Genius! Awesome way to get that birch texture!