Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Birch Tree Art Quilt in Progress

Good morning all-
As the days move quickly towards the new year I am carving away minutes and hours to work on my last quilt art piece of the year. In my e
arlier post I showed the birch tree fabric being painted. Here I have taken a photo of the basic elements in place... and over the next two days I'll be embellishing the quilt. Delivery of the piece is to take place on New Year's Eve, so look for the final version very soon.

Hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season as much as I am. Family, friends, fun times and A QUILT to finish!



Anonymous said...

This is coming along so nicely. I can't wait to see the finished version. I also so appreciate a look into your painting process in the previous blog post. Really fascinating. Behold, birch trees. Very cool, Rose.

SaraK said...

Whoah, this is amazing! And, you haven't even added embellishments yet! I feel like walking through there, tee hee. Rose, your Dream Landscape book is full of inspiration and has a wealth of information! Lucky me.

Rose Hughes said...

Aaron..painting certainly has a role in creating just the right fabric or embellishment to use in a particular quilt, but it's all about the fabric! Thanks for checking in and your nice comments.

Rose Hughes said...

Sarah, I know I want to walk through those trees, too! Sharing the Fast-Piece Applique method has been, and is a treat for me as well. It's great to see people find a way to make their own designs become reality. Afraid though we'll have to wait 'til summer to see those trees all green once again. Thank you for your comments and please email a photo once you have a chance to try out the book.

SaraK said...

Hi Rose,
Yes, I will email you a pic. Right now I'm checking the mail everyday for my braiding foot. I didn't have one of those. :-/ Keep you posted!