Sunday, June 28, 2009

Quiet Time

The house and studio are quiet right now, but yesterday this was not the case. My first in-house studio workshop is coming along quite nicely, and my students and I are having a lot of fun. They came photos in hand and we dove right into designing yesterday morning. The photos were of trips to France and Italy and a bit of local fauna thrown in as well. The designs came together and then the fabrics came out. We all have our own personal taste when it comes to fabrics and it is a treat to get to see how each person derives their selections. The same design so takes on the personality of the one selecting the fabrics. One may have wonderful whimsical prints, another beautiful hand dyed or printed gems, and on and on.... it's what makes working with fabric so much fun.

I have to admit to getting so busy during the class that few photos were taken. The ones here show only the quiet workstations patiently awaiting the return of the students. Sunday is day-two. Stay tuned!

Happily Stitchin'


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natalie. beyond the reef said...

What a beautiful studio environment!
Who wouldn't want to do a one on one in this artists studio?
I'm sure she'll outgrow the space in no time - sign up while you still can have access like this to a great artist.